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Scandiweb offers e-commerce solutions to clients all over the world, which was kicked-off back in 2003. Until now we have worked with many brands all over the world - Jaguar, New York Times, Walmart, AirBaltic, Buff, The Met Museum, BMW, Puma and many others. We've made sure that Fortune 500 companies know that Latvia is the best place for digital solutions, and we've had a great deal of fun doing it! Millions of people use our solutions every day - when they buy a new car, a wedding ring, funny socks or even condoms! Yeah, we made sites for HappySocks and Durex too! What's next? We put Latvia on the map for eCommerce solutions and now we have a way bigger goal! We want that whenever you tell them that you work in Scandiweb, they know it and are familiar with it!

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4.1 / 5
Fully remote and all the best parts of being a digital nomad. As we grow I think many of my complaints will get addressed. Like anybody, I would like better pay and benefits.
4.2 / 5
The online activities are well organised and even if you are somewhere on the other side of the world you can feel like part of the company - podcasts, stretching, cooking...

Regarding the work - all is online. Meetings, calls ... A lot of info materials are available and if smth needed can easily reach out to someone and get all the answers!
4.6 / 5
Fully remote, only depending from which region you are (company is european based in Latvia) is how you can agree with managers on your working hours.

Quite a personal approach to each person which is nice to have, a lot of online events to participate in ( if you prefer to ).
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