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Palo Alto, CA

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West Coast, USA, Brazil, Canada, Beijing

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Merico is dedicated to developing the most-advanced code analytics tools available to empower engineers worldwide in enterprise and open source with insight. Our international workforce spans North America, Asia, and Europe.

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Ally, Carta, GitLab, Gusto, Lark, OneDrive, Outlook, Zoom, Canva, Figma, GitHub, JIRA
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Maxim Wheatley
5 / 5
A company that truly cares about intellectual honesty, team respect, focus on the fundamentals, and all without having an attitude. I've been here since the start and have never worked with such intelligent and clear-headed people. Every day is a challenge, but nearly always in a positive way. We are developing cutting edge technology that has a real opportunity of transforming how software is developed forever, that's pretty exciting! If you respect engineering principals and embrace debate and data, you'll find a great home at Merico.
5 / 5
Arguably the best part of this company is Mr. Chinapen, not only is he suave and talented, he has exceptional taste in both birds and motorcars.
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