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Kajabi has empowered knowledge entrepreneurs who are serious about their business to achieve success online. With its robust, ever-expanding set of tools and features, Kajabi’s all-in-one knowledge commerce platform leads the industry and helps people to turn what they know into what they do. Kajabi provides every tool they need to package their knowledge into profitable online courses, coaching programs, membership sites, and more. Used by both seasoned business owners and first-time knowledge entrepreneurs, Kajabi has helped its customers generate over $2 billion in sales. Not only that, but Kajabi customers have reached nearly 50 million people across the globe with their valuable educational content.

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3.9 / 5
With the latest funding, the company feels excessively focused on an exit, and with that, we have lost a lot of the culture that made this a good place to work beforehand. There is a challenging combination of either not enough direction or too much from middle managers. Culture challenges are all over the place with managers who are only interested in metrics, but not people. The company feels very top heavy. I would like to see skip level check-ins, which there are none of.
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