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Deutsche Bank

At Deutsche Bank, we give original thinkers the space and support they need to shine. Merging local knowledge with global vision, in-depth insight with industry-leading digital expertise, if you’re an innovator by nature, we can help you to unleash your potential.

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2.3 / 5
If they fired the bottom 90% of tech staff, NOTHING would change because it’s still only the top 10% that do anything. Middle management in charge of security are beyond terrible. We have VERY few talented engineers, and even fewer talented directors. Security here is an absolute joke.
3.2 / 5
Now we wait to see how this plays out. As a bank with years of history and tradition it makes sense that policies are going to take awhile to catch traction and to align with employee needs. With this perspective, I'm actually very hopeful that the WFH policies are an impressive step in the right direction. If you can avoid some of the cut throat culture of the investment banking group, there's a comfortable and happy career to be found in the commercial banking teams.
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