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Terrible communication apps leading to a BCI/AR wearable that might work in future I don’t know but I couldn’t stay to find out

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Full disclosure, as no longer an employee I am perhaps harsher and more candid than it deserves. But this company is BROKEN. Sales teams in the US keep the working hardware while remote engineers essentially just make things up and hope for tHe best - and any objection to that is either dismissed or entirely ignored. CEO changes his direction based on every little comment made by potential investors, doesn’t tell the BCI team, with end being frustration on all sides, a non functional product, and listening to management say lie after lie to please their immediate audience. There was never really a PM (or CTO or COO) to hold both sides accountable because CEO was willing to give authority but not power, even to us in the neuro staff. We were always remote, and always broken, but this final split was what led myself and others to leave and my the premier good part is now I know what kind of structure to avoid in the future.

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There is no CTO or COO to speak of. There is no coherent product or program management. The CEO directs the engineering team and spreads misinformation. There have been huge investments in clinical headcount and a total disregard of engineering headcount. Insanely there is no 401k, and pay and options are stingy and uncompetitive.
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A great company and team to learn from. I often feel mentored and coached, a great feeling to grow and develop a career. Like many fast moving teams, decisions sometimes get made in a way that feels like it comes out of nowhere, that would be my one suggestion to leadership: find ways to include more voices in decision making.
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The job is remote and you are learning as you work! I feel this better prepares people for the future and is a great service to those who have lost their jobs due to COVID. It's an amazing opportunity!
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