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Boldy is a remote-first, employee-focused company, offering its talented team the freedom to build their own schedules, work remotely, and contribute to amazing businesses while developing their own fulfilling careers. Winners of the prestigious Great Place to Work certification and When Work Works award and featured on Entrepreneur’s 360 list for innovation and Fortune Magazine’s Best Small & Medium-Sized Companies list, Boldly is changing the way talented people and businesses work together for the better.

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5 / 5
Supportive team, remote-friendly, and emphasizing true work life balance!
5 / 5
Boldly excels at offering professionals rewarding careers on a flexible, remote, and long-term basis. The company is built on positivity and kindness - and it truly is a great place to work. My team members are amazing and the company does a great job of keeping us connected, although we are all remote! I love being able to create a schedule that works for me and my family.
4.7 / 5
Being totally remote, I do wish that I could meet my coworkers and leadership in person, one suggestion/ask that I have of the company.

I have been working at Boldly for about two years and I could not be more pleased! I have the work-life balance I have always dreamed of, and Boldly provides competitive PTO and other benefits that exceed anything I've had elsewehre.
4.7 / 5
My first experience working remotely (before covid too.) On the whole, Boldly is a great place to work, and the team really understand how to drive teamwork and culture, which is easier said than done for remote-first teams. A great place to learn.
4.7 / 5
This is company is truly remote first as the tagline goes. We have an amazing bunch of talented folks who help each other. I am super satisfied with my stay at Boldly
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