Each week at RemoteRated.com, we speak with leading remote CEOs to share practical insights on running and growing remote teams and companies.

This week, we speak with Shiloh Johnson, Founder & CEO of ComplYant, a remote-first startup solving costly tax challenges for SMBs.

Shiloh built her career like many of us, in a more traditional corporate environment, complete with the dreaded LA-traffic-commute. This experience led Shiloh to pursue a remote-centric life, first as a solopreneur, and then as a founder of a remote-first startup.

The full video of the interview is below, we’ve condensed the conversation to make the takeaways easy and practical!

Shiloh’s Essential Remote Advice:

  • As a CEO you have to take care of your own mental health and level up at all opportunities, this means building your own personal advisory board of executive coaches, founders, and mentors.
  • Be prescriptive about culture and communication, and make sure it’s present in the recruiting and interviewing processes to ensure that new hires are truly a fit.
  • Pay careful attention to the tooling of your company (and you can never start too early.) Think carefully about how technology is enabling or limiting the work, communication, and information transfer. Map out the processes, and make them clear and accessible to everybody.
  • Make meetings count. Don’t let meetings for meetings sake become a thing. When you meet time-box things, have specific goals and an agenda, respect the time of yourself and your colleagues. If you’re having face time, have face time, but don’t turn meetings into abstracted social occasions.
  • Real ownership matters. Empower team members with the autonomy and authority to own their role and their objectives. Focus on outcomes, not process, and let employees conquer their goals however they feel is necessary.

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