Collectively, many of us adapted and learned how to work remotely, some companies were already skilled at this, while others had to figure things out on the fly.

Now, roughly a year from the beginning of COVID19, the world is a very different place; many companies that might have never considered remote work are now committed to it. The nature of a company’s growth, the pathways for career progression, the nurturing of culture, and the effectiveness of work, now depend on variables that we perhaps didn’t consider so carefully before, things like:

  • How effective are the managers at leading remote teams?
  • Does the company use tools effectively to enable asynchronous collaboration?
  • Does the company provide benefits and perks that address the needs of remote contributors?
  • and so much more…

Whether you’re an individual contributor looking for a new role, a manager seeking improvement, or an HR professional looking to attract the best talent, remote is here to stay, and remote competence is essential!

We need to figure out how to excel at remote work, rather than simply just accepting it.

This pursuit of excellence in remote work inspired us to build to highlight the best remote companies and leaders.

We believe that talent is everywhere, and that great companies, cultures, and products can all be developed in a remote and asynchronous world. We built to provide a focused place for people to celebrate remote excellence, share best-practices, discover areas for improvement, and collectively, to drive forward the future of work.

We’ll leave more traditional company ratings to Glassdoor, but for remote-specific considerations, we’re launching something far more targeted.

We hope you like it. We’re excited for companies to celebrate their hard-earned remote successes here. We hope that together, we can create a better remote-first future, one that is inclusive, global, and efficient.

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