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Inspired by the interesting moves by Saks & WeWork transforming glamorous retail locations into glamorous co-working spaces, we were inspired to share some thoughts on how to use space to your advantage!
In your own office space, try to set yourself up with three key configurations

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However, some of the fundamentals are easy, and with a few refinements and adjustments, you can take your remote game to the next level. Here are some tips that we think are useful.

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Corine is a young entrepreneur who quickly adapted to the pandemic-induced remote world — interviewing hundreds of managers and leaders to identify a key need

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Shiloh built her career like many of us, in a more traditional corporate environment, complete with the dreaded LA-traffic-commute. This experience led Shiloh to pursue a remote-centric life, first as a solopreneur, and then as a founder of a remote-first startup.

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Darren is no stranger to remote, having worked as a remote software engineer in the past, and in that experience discovered his love of remote work.

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Chris built a career with over 15 years at Apple, a company known for its operational excellence and forward-thinking approaches — bringing this same commitment to excellence to their own product.

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Thejo is no stranger to entrepreneurship and sold his previous company Automatic to SiriusXM for over $100M. This time around, Thejo is ahead of the curve yet again, building a remote-first company before the pandemic required every company to be remote.

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We polled communities and researched for ourselves to identify which CEOs are truly excelling in leading their company, culture, and people in a remote world.

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So what exactly does it mean to be “RemoteRated?” What criteria do we believe matters, and why? We’re sharing this today to help others think about their own strengths and weaknesses, and to hear from the remote work community

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RemoteRated focuses ratings on factors like transparency, remote leadership, inclusivity, and benefits — factors that make-or-break the experience of remote workers.

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Maxim Wheatley


The pandemic instigated and accelerated remote and digital transformation for companies of all sizes worldwide. There is no question as to whether or not the 2020 pandemic effected your company, the only question is: how?

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Chef Software (Seattle, WA)

Hybrid Remote

PayCertify (Los Gatos, CA)

Pure Remote

Oyster (All Remote)

Pure Remote

Essential Advice

We speak with Corine Tan, co-founder of Kona.

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We speak with Shiloh Johnson, Founder & CEO of ComplYant.

RemoteRated Essential Advice: Shiloh Johnson Founder & CEO of ComplYant

We speak with Darren Buckner , Cofounder & CEO of Workfrom.

RemoteRated Essential Advice: Darren Buckner Cofounder & CEO of Workfrom

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