About RemoteRated.com

We are a team of remote workers that collaborate across six time zones and three different languages. We've experienced the possibilities and opportunities that remote work empowers, and we're excited to help more people discover and succeed with remote work.

After COVID hit, it became clear that remote isn't just a trend, it's the future. While many of the world's most forward-thinking organizations have adapted to remote, excellence is more than just a Zoom license and permission to work from home. Remote success requires policies, benefits, leadership, and processes to be effective and inclusive. While there are many websites dedicated to rating companies, and plenty advertising remote jobs, we saw that there was a void when it came to capturing the remote competencies, leadership, and policies of these companies. Which companies are actually good at remote, and why?

It's why we built RemoteRated.com

We set out to provide a remote-focused viewpoint for people to discover opportunity and share insights, while providing companies with a dedicated place to establish themselves as not just remote-friendly, but as remote leaders - to certify themselves as RemoteRated.